Spoiler alert: fans who attend football games like to drink beforehand. The NFL, like many other sports leagues and sports venues, has to face the reality of patrons becoming inebriated and unruly. It's an ugly look when fans fight, though, and it tends to become more publicized in today's world where everyone can broadcast video onto the Internet.

Case in point was Thursday night, which featured a wild, scary upper deck brawl between Chiefs and Raiders fans during Kansas City's 21-13 victory to take control of the AFC West on Thursday.

Video emerged on Twitter of about a dozen different fans engaging in a fight that spanned multiple rows of the stadium and featured some serious punches thrown and several cops emerging to shut down the aggression.

It should go without saying but the video includes plenty of violence and potentially some NSFW-ish language (although oddly, not much was picked up by the camera person).

As someone with a small child, this sort of thing is terrifying. It was too cold and too late, at least for me, to take a kid to the game. But that sort of thing happening in an NFL stadium is obviously sub-optimal.

There's clearly a rivalry between the two teams -- the staredown between Jack Del Rio and Andy Reid should tell you as much -- but this is taking it too far.

You can't see the score or time of the game when the video is being filmed. But the lack of fans in the area indicates either people clearing out really quickly when the fight broke out or potentially the fight occurring after the game ended. The field looks empty and the lack of people in the rows near the fight might be about people leaving the game.

Either way, a very scary scene late in the night of a game that's promoted by the line "football is family."