WATCH: Raiders' Marquette King is now blasting punts in full Power Rangers gear

Raiders punter Marquette King rose to national prominence last season for not just for being good at his job, but also for his personality. 

King, who had the second-longest punting average in the NFL behind only Pat McAfeecelebrated a punt against the Panthers by adopting Cam Newton’s signature dabbing celebration. He did the Ray Lewis dance after a punt against the Ravens

He spiked a penalty flag after drawing a personal foul call against the Bills

And then he called out the Bills player that “snitched” on him to the refs, resulting in a penalty of his own. 

Once Oakland’s offseason hit, he decided to partake in the annual offseason dunk contest with one of the more creative dunks we’ve seen. 

This weekend, King took things to another level. Friday was St. Patrick’s Day, so King decided to break out a green uniform for practice kicks. Only, it wasn’t a green football uniform, but a green Power Rangers uniform. 

Great way to end the Week!!! 🍀 #KickSquad

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It’s not the first time King has worn the Green Ranger get-up, as he told SBNation last year that he occasionally wears it around the house. “I just randomly do it, man,” King said. “Shoot, I might wake up and feel like putting on that Superman outfit, and I just go in my car. I might just put it on and walk around the crib with it. S--- I might go to the store with it on, if I feel like it. It’s just me, it’s just what I like to do sometimes. I just like having fun man, living life.”

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