WATCH: Rob Gronkowski channels his best Bon Jovi impersonation

You know Rob Gronkowski as an All-Pro tight end for the New England Patriots. He's been dominating for years, and ever since he started playing a full complement of snaps this season (right around Tom Brady's return in Week 5, coincidentally), he went right on dominating once again.

In his spare time, though, Gronkowski apparently likes nothing more than appearing in music videos that double as commercials. Last year, he recorded a track called "Sippin" with former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz that doubled as an ad for Dunkin Donuts.

Next up for Gronk is channeling Bon Jovi (Gronk Jovi?) for his new track "Catchin' with Flair," which somehow doubles as an ad for "Madden NFL 17." Check it out:

Highlights: The hair, obviously. The line, "Running all the routes and making the plays and stuff ... and stuff." Lowlights: Gronk's actual singing voice.

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