WATCH: Rob Gronkowski sets Patriots record with 69th career touchdown

Rob Gronkowski made some history Sunday with a touchdown against the Bills. It was a very, very nice moment.

His 53-yard touchdown from Tom Brady not only gave the Patriots a 21-10 lead over the Bills, but it also gave Gronk the Patriots' franchise record for the most touchdowns -- a record that was previously held by Stanley Morgan.

Gronk has now reached the end zone 69 times (68 receiving, one rushing). As an added bonus -- not that his 69th touchdown needed anything extra -- he broke the record in Buffalo, which is near his hometown.

This -- Gronk beating his man up the seam -- should look familiar:

Surprisingly, Gronk did not have a special celebration planned for his 69th touchdown. It's surprising because 69 definitely seems to be his favorite number.

So, we'll have to wait for his postgame press conference to get another classic Gronk moment. In the meantime, if you're looking for a list of the 69 best Gronk moments ever, we've got you covered.

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