WATCH: Rob Gronkowski stars in 'A Gronking to Remember' movie

After the Rob Gronkowski erotica novel was released back in January, most people had the same question: When's the movie coming out?

Thankfully, we now have an answer to that question.

Kind of. 

Gronk has teamed up with model Charlotte McKinney to make a trailer for A Gronking to Remember.

So far, the reviews for the movie are all positive. One critic even called the movie 'breathtaking.'

Another critic, or I guess it's actually the same critic, called the movie 'amazing.'

Unfortunately, there is bad news for all of us loyal fans who read "A Gronking to Remember" dozens of times: Gronk and McKinney only made a preview, which means we won't be getting a full, feature length film.

The good news though is that you can always read the sequel

Anyway, you can see the entire preview below and remember, this is a preview for a fake movie based on an erotica novel, so although there's nothing lewd, you might not want to watch it at work. 

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