On Sunday against the 49ers, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly was on the receiving end of a Quinton Patton block during during Vance McDonald's 75-yard touchdown reception (you can see it here). The block didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary -- it is football, after all -- but a reporter asked Ron Rivera about it during Monday's press conference and the Panthers coach didn't take kindly to the question.

Reporter: "Luke took a really hard shot on the sideline, he was trying to chase him down. We didn't get to talk to him after the game, is he OK?"

Rivera: "Really? I don't, you know... I mean, he got blocked. OK? I mean, let's try not to create something that's not there. To me, that's not there. He got hit in the shoulder pads from the side. OK?"

The question seemed innocuous enough but Rivera clearly wasn't impressed. But there's more:

Nothing like trying to storm off only to be locked in the room. But hey, at least Rivera didn't make The Face.