Watch Now: WATCH: Bills beat Colts in OT during blizzard at Buffalo, 13-7 (1:41)

Points were going to be at a premium in a Colts-Bills game to begin with, but with the weather getting wild, this game might ultimately make the snow-filled Army-Navy game on Saturday look like a trip to a tropical island. That's because it is snowing HARD in Buffalo. 

So much so that the field is barely visible, courtesy of a snow band storming out of Lake Erie. The result is an amount of snow pouring down on the field that is making it almost impossible to actually see the field. 


Game time!!!

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Everything has evaporated.

One Bills reporter called the weather "the worst" he has ever seen in Buffalo and another beat writer called it "insane." Think about THAT for a second.

The teams are pretty excited about the situation.

And it doesn't look like the snow is going to let up any time soon.

The over/under for this game started around 40 -- that's just a Colts plus Bills thing -- but plummeted as the snow started storming into the stadium. As of 12:55 p.m. ET, it had fallen to around 36.5, which is the number of carries you should expect for LeSean McCoy (who has had good games in the snow, for whatever that's worth).

The game should make for compelling television, though, as the Bills are wearing all red color rush uniforms in the snow. The Colts will be hiding like giant snowflakes.

For what it's worth, the team wearing white -- Army -- prevailed in the Saturday snow game. So the Colts have that going for them. And Nathan Peterman starting for the Bills. Could be worse.