WATCH: Struggling Redskins offense gets big play on Cousins-Crowder magic act

Washington has not gotten all that much going offensively during the first half of its divisional showdown with the Cowboys on Thursday night. At halftime, they're averaging 4.3 yards per play and they have three turnovers. 

Their best play of the half, unequivocally, is one that started off looking like an outright disaster. Watch here as Kirk Cousins back-peddles for seemingly forever, then chucks the ball down the field. It looks like a surefire incompletion -- and maybe an interception -- but then Jamison Crowder appears from out of the screen:

That 33-yard catch-and-run set Washington up in scoring territory, and a few plays later, Cousins found Ryan Grant wide open on a busted coverage. The result: touchdown. 

Just when it looked like Washington was going to have to give the ball back to Dallas with over two minutes left and a chance to push the lead to 20-0 or 24-0, they instead cut the lead to 17-7 at halftime. That's about all you can ask for when running backward for your life against a division rival. 

You can follow all the action in our GameTracker for Thursday night.

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