WATCH: Terry Bradshaw can sing, prepares for Las Vegas show

The above video is of Terry Bradshaw crooning an old Hank Williams song. As you can probably tell from the clothes and the set (and the way Bradshaw looks), this occurred in the '70s (specifically, 1976).

The reason we bring this to you now (with a H/T to PFT) is because Bradshaw is performing his autobiographical show, “America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde … A Life in Four Quarters” at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, June 28-29.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, maybe not. After all, the Hall of Fame Steelers quarterback loves to perform.

So, what is this show all about and will Bradshaw be gracing us with his vocal range (I’m not a country music guy, but his performance in the above video seemed pretty solid to me)?

“This show has so much; it’s the story of my life put to song and dance,” Bradshaw told Las Vegas Magazine. “For the audience [there] really is only one thing to remember: Have fun. The whole show really is a shot at me -- that’s why it’s called 'America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde,' because that was always the knock on me, that I was stupid. But I’ve taken stupid and turned it to smart. If I screw up, hey, I’m used to screwing up. I just hope [the audience] understands I’m not Engelbert Humperdinck!”

No, but Bradshaw is charismatic and funny. And if you watch him every Sunday on Fox’s pregame show, you know he’s a performer at heart.

And if more Bradshaw is what you need, check out this video (WARNING: there’s no singing in this one):

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