WATCH: Texans LB plucks amazing pick-six, Carson Palmer gets decked

Usually, when somebody on the Texans' defense makes a ridiculous play, it's J.J. Watt. On Sunday, that wasn't the case. Watt's still recovering from offseason surgery, so instead it was John Simon, a third-year linebacker out of Ohio State who made something incredible happen.

On second-and-10 from the Houston 33-yard line, the Cardinals tried to set up a delayed screen pass to the tight end. Simon was having none of that, though:

Yup. That's a tip, pick, and six from Simon right there. Incredibly athletic play.

More importantly for the Cardinals, check out where Palmer's helmet ended up at the end of the play. It was on the ground, as he got NAILED with a late hit by Devon Still after Simon made his interception. (Palmer did not re-enter the game on the ensuing drive, and he could later be seen telling trainers on the sideline that he chipped his tooth.) As the FOX announcers said when they returned from commercial, Still can likely expect a call from the league office telling him that he'll be fined for a dirty hit.

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