WATCH: The Bills probably got hosed by another catch-rule incident in NFL playoffs

If the Buffalo Bills didn't have bad luck, they'd have no luck at all. Although luck has very little to do with the NFL's ruling on various catch opportunities, so maybe the Bills should just ignore luck and go yell at Al Riveron and the guys in the officiating office.

Bills devotees will recall that Buffalo got burnt by the league office on a weird catch-rule situation involving Kelvin Benjamin against the Patriots in Week 16. The monster that is instant replay might have jumped up and got them again on Sunday in their playoff matchup against the Jaguars, a thumper of a 10-3 loss in Jacksonville.

The final play of that game was an interception by Jalen Ramsey, the Jaguars star defensive back, who picked off Nathan Peterman, filling in on third down for an injured Tyrod Taylor

It was a heck of a play -- although anyone holding a Jags -8.5 or Jags -9 ticket was hoping Ramsey was taking the ball to the house -- but it certainly looked like the ball hit the ground as Ramsey was rolling around. There was certainly nothing definite about it, but based on what we've seen all year, Ramsey did not appear to "survive the ground." 

Both Tony Romo and Jim Nantz sounded like they thought the ball was clearly rolling around on the ground, but they also both sounded about as unsure as the rest of America as to what the NFL league office would do with the situation.

"Tell Nathan Peterman not to go too far," Nantz remarked.

"All I know is I don't want to be Al Riveron in New York," Romo added. "It looks like it moves there, but when you slow it down, it looks like his arm is a little bit underneath.

"This could go either way."

Romo then pointed out that the ball touched the ground, but that there might not be enough there for the NFL officials to give the Bills a second shot.

"The problem is this, if you don't see conclusive evidence, can you overturn it?" Romo asked.

"They have all year!" Nantz remarked. 

The review took a while (surprise!) and it was eventually announced the ruling on the field stood and it was an interception. The game was over and the Bills would not have another shot at trying to pick up a first down and get within range of throwing for a touchdown. Sean McDermott was less than enthused.

via NFL GamePass

As Romo and Nantz pointed out, you can't blame the Bills for being mad given the way things have gone for them in the last three weeks. But they'll always have the playoff run, which ended a 17-year drought of making the postseason, even if it all came to an end with a touchdown-less performance from the offense in a slow-moving battle. 

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