Shooters are going to shoot, but there was no need for the Seahawks to chuck up a fake field goal at the end of the first half against the Falcons on Monday night. 

Trailing 21-14 at home, Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell dialed up a fake field goal that featured punter/holder Jon Ryan pitching the ball to Luke Wiilson as Blair Walsh sprinted off the to left side. 

Now, there are a few things to take into account here.

For starters, you see that the Seahawks have one timeout. That's great news. Unfortunately it was fourth down. That's not great news, because if you don't pick up the first down, the timeout is useless. The Seahawks would not pick up the first down.

Here's the other problem: best case is you score a touchdown. That would be swell if it works. But the next best case is you get the first down and you're ... kicking a field goal again. Worst case is either you run out of time or the Falcons snuff the play out and you get zero points in a very close game with a playoff rival. 

It didn't make much sense to do it, outside of just not trusting Walsh. And naturally the Internet roasted Seattle for the call.

The justification for the FG is maybe it's worked before? Carroll "just kind of shrugged" and told Lisa Salters of ESPN, "Look, we were trying to score, we were trying to take a shot" when asked about it before halftime. 

Unfortunately Dan Quinn told his team to be on the lookout. It's very possible that if the field goal works -- and it was not a great play design per se, based on the result -- that we all fawn over the genius of the Seahawks. There will be no fawning when the fake ends up going that poorly.