WATCH: The Watt Brothers clown around with urine colors in throwback Gatorade PSA

The Watt family during a PSA for Gatorade. via YouTube/Gatorade

Summer is in full swing and NFL training camps are just around the corner. And it's hot out there right now, kids, which is why you need to stay hydrated. 

Fortunately for us, the entire Watt family is here to remind everyone that they need to drink lots of fluids while out on the practice field. And even more fortunately, they decided to do it in humorous fashion. 

Texans DE J.J. Watt, Chargers fullback Derek Watt and Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt -- all brothers, all in the NFL! -- teamed up with their dad to break down, for all intents and purposes, the color of pee in the name of reminding people to "Beat the Heat," Gatorade's summer time campaign to keep people hydrated. 

But, no, really, they're trying to determine what color J.J.'s urine is -- "butterscotch?" -- and turn to pops, who is an expert in such areas, apparently. 

For some reason, there's nothing more humorous than a midwestern father of three holding up a pee chart.

via YouTube/Gatorade

The Watts, in a blooper reel they dropped, would also like to remind you that you should dress appropriately when working out.

via YouTube/Gatorade
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