Last week against the Buccaneers, it looked like the Arizona Cardinals had gotten right after they underwhelmed during a Week 1 loss to the Patriots. If Week 3 is any indication, things are nowhere close to right for Arizona right now.

The Cardinals, already trailing 23-7 to a Buffalo team that had looked straight up awful through the season's first two weeks, gave us one of the worst field goal "attempt" anyone has ever seen.

I'm not a field goal expert, but I do not think that is what field goals are supposed to look like.

It should be noted that Arizona's long-snapper surprisingly retired earlier this offseason and punter/holder Drew Butler injured himself earlier in the game. Butler did trot onto the field to hold for this attempt, but obviously never wound up getting the ball in his hands to try to spot it up for Chandler Catanzaro.

It's safe to say Bruce Arians will not be happy with his special teams unit after this one.