HOUSTON -- After two years of dealing with Deflategate, Patriots fans finally got to vent their frustrations at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and oh did they ever.

During the trophy ceremony following New England's wild 34-28 overtime win over Atlanta, Patriots' fans came through with a booing that might go down as the loudest jeer in in NFL history.

After New England's improbable 25-point comeback win, Goodell took the stage during the trophy ceremony, and that's when Patriots fans let him have it. For a good 20 seconds, Patriots fans booed the man who was single-handedly responsible for Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

It was almost if Patriots fans used those 20 seconds to exorcise every Deflategate demon.

Brady and Bill Belichick were both on the podium while the booing happened, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Patriots fans will get one last chance to enjoy their Deflategate revenge on Monday when Goodell has to hand the Super Bowl MVP trophy to Brady.