WATCH: Tom Brady and Dion Lewis show off mind-meld on ridiculous throw and catch

When a quarterback and a skill player spend a lot of time on the same team, they tend to develop a sixth sense for where the other will be, and when. The New England Patriots tend to cycle through running backs a lot, so Dion Lewis, who has been on the team for three seasons, is one of the longest-tenured players among Brady's current crop of pass-catchers. 

Even though he was injured for much of the 2015 and 2016 seasons, he and Tom Brady seem to have picture-perfect chemistry of the kind you often see between players that have been together for much longer. Case in point: this ridiculous throw and catch from Brady to Lewis on the Pats' second-quarter touchdown drive against the Dolphins. 

I mean... what? 

How does Brady know where to loft the ball when Lewis hasn't even fully turned upfield yet at the time of release? How does Lewis figure out the exact right speed with which to burn past the linebacker and wind up in the soft spot between two defenders in order to stick his hand out and snatch the ball out of the air? And how does he manage to reel it in with one hand?

I honestly can't decide what's more impressive here, the throw or the catch, so I'll just give them both an incredible amount of credit and move right along. This play was awesome. 

CBS Sports Writer

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