They don't call Tom Brady the GOAT for nothing. If there's one thing Tom Brady's better at than playing football, it might be chugging beer. Forget his five Super Bowl rings, if Brady had become a professional beer chugger, there's a good chance he would have five titles in that sport also. 

For years, Patriots players have been telling tales of Brady's epic beer-chugging skills, but before this week, Brady had never shared those skills with the general public. However, that all changed on Monday when Brady made a visit to the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

Sure, the TB12 Method says that Brady's not even supposed to drink alcohol, but he threw the book out the window to have a beer drinking competition with Colbert. It all started when Colbert began asked Brady about his beer drinking habits. 

Colbert: "You don't drink beer?"

Brady: "Rarely. I was a pretty good beer chugger back in the day."

Colbert: "You were a good beer chugger? Do you want to chug a beer? Do you want to do this?" 

Brady: "Are we competing or are we just chugging?"

And then the competition was on and I'm not sure if Colbert knew what hit him. 

It took Brady roughly two seconds to finish his beer. With that kind of time, Brady could probably win a beer-chugging competition at any frat house in the country. 

Besides drinking beer, Brady also spent some time explaining the TB12 Method to Colbert. The best part came when Brady tried to explain the importance of pliability to Colbert. That led to Colbert getting a personal arm massage from the Patriots quarterback. 

"That was fantastic," Colbert said of the massage. "I understand why Gisele married you now."

After the arm massage, Colbert got Brady to eat a strawberry for the first time in his life. This is no joke, in an interview from September 2016, Brady said that he had never eaten a strawberry before

So why does he avoid the little red fruit?

"I hate the smell of strawberries," Brady told Colbert. 

Bad smell or not, Brady sucked it up and ate a strawberry for the first time ever. 

His reaction? "Not that bad."

Don't be surprised if you see Brady in the strawberry aisle of the grocery store the next time you're in Boston. 

Brady spent his entire Monday in New York. Not only did he visit with Colbert, but he also spent time on the set of "Good Morning America." During an interview with Michael Strahan, Brady talked about the final episode of his Facebook documentary, "Tom vs. Time," which you can see below. 

S1:E6 The End Game

Body, mind, spirit. Family and friends. Everything Tom Brady has worked on, everything he’s invested in - it all comes together in another historic Patriots playoff run. This time, Tom will either propel his team to a sixth Super Bowl victory - or fail in the attempt.

Posted by Tom vs Time on Monday, March 12, 2018