Watch Tom Brady wig out as he announces that he's created an Instagram account

When a human being signs up for Instagram, it's not really news. My mother-in-law has her own account and no one threw a party when she joined. But Tom Brady? That's a different story.

The Patriots quarterback, who is notorious for a highly entertaining Facebook account (where he has nearly 4 million people who like him), has been building up the suspense about joining a second social media service.

Earlier in the week, Brady put four hats on a table like a high school recruit, featuring logos for Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and MySpace to tease his decision.

via Facebook

Then on Saturday, Brady held a Facebook Live event where he announced the decision, not exactly stunning the world by choosing to go the Insta route (Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it's a natural pairing).

You can watch the whole thing right here and be one of the literally millions of people who decided to tune in.

In case you didn't want to watch or even fast forward to the end and see his announcement, you missed him wigging out and slamming a hat in excitement while screaming "LET'S GO!"

As of this writing, Brady's video has 51,000 likes, 20,000 comments, 3,700 shares and ONE MILLION VIEWS. Yes, a million people watched Tom Brady decide what social media service he's going to sign up for next.

It's not some inflated number either, because Brady already has half a million followers on Instagram. His first post on Instagram, a picture of him standing in the snow, has more than 250,000 likes in five hours.

Long story short, Tom Brady is an immensely popular person. And what a tough life he leads, hanging out in a white T-shirt, engaging with millions of people by his fireside in between hanging out with his wife Gisele Bundchen, waiting for his bye week to end so he can chase his fifth Super Bowl.

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