WATCH: Tony Romo has matured when it comes to game of love

Not sure if you've ever heard this before, but Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is oftentimes the target of league-wide fan criticism. Mostly because he's won exactly one playoff game in his career and, no matter how well he's played in a single game to actually keep his team in the game, his penchant for making contest-costing mistakes that keep the Cowboys from winning have come at a price.

I argue that Romo is, at this moment, a top-five quarterback in the league behind Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, but for whatever reason, Romo takes enough guff to fill Cowboys Stadium from the turf to the monstrous videoboard above

So, how does he deal with it all? Well, when he joined Showtime's Inside the NFL, he told a confusing, stumbling story about how he used to cope.

He likened it to when he first got to college and tried to woo girls who weren't interested in dating him or, in some way, wronged him romantically. He helped soothe himself by fantasizing about the day he could return with his presumably-gorgeous wife so he could walk up to the person who had hurt his feelings and say simply, "Hey, how's it going?" in the most passive-aggressive way possible.

This, in young Romo's mind, would guarantee that the former heartbreaker would experience the same feelings that he once encountered and leave the final meeting with our hero filled with Romo rejection regret.

But with age comes perspective. And Romo no longer feels the way he once did.

"Invariably what I've found, when you actually get that great wife, you don't really care to show her off," Romo said. "You kind of win. You don't need to kick people in any way. When you get there, you don't care what other people said along the way. That's the way I look at it."

And thus, a great sigh of relief from all of those who had once dodged Romo's Cupid arrows was breathed.

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