WATCH: Tony Romo is the most awesomely bad celebrity DJ ever

Need a DJ for your next charity function? You might want to give Tony Romo a call.

Or DJ 9, as Romo called himself when he took over DJing duties Sunday night for a charity event in Westlake, Texas. The recently retired Cowboys QB, who will be moving to the CBS booth this fall to call games with Jim Nantz, played some obvious staples of the wedding DJ circuit.

On Romo's playlist, according to the Dallas Morning News: Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer," Guns N Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine" and Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl". This pretty much sounds like the mix tape that Romo was rocking in his car back when he was firing passes at Burlington High in Wisconsin. 

Romo also dragged Ezekiel Elliott up on stage to lead the crowd through Naughty By  Nature's "O.P.P." Elliott looked like he would rather be somewhere else -- but hey, a good RB never leaves his QB hanging. 

Here's more of Romo's turn on stage.

For Romo, who has been a Dallas Maverick for a day and also attempted to qualify for the U.S. Open since announcing his retirement in April, who knows what's next? If he's looking for more DJ work, he would certainly be in high demand around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for wedding season. 

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