WATCH: Tony Romo wants to win a ring with the Cowboys, period

It's been a rough go lately for Dallas Cowboys franchise quarterback Tony Romo.

After missing 12 games in 2015 due to a twice fractured clavicle, the collective fandom lamented the loss as the team crawled to a paltry 4-12 overall record; with three of those wins coming at the hands of Romo. His value had finally been realized and 2016 would be the year he and the Cowboys built on their story 2014 season.

After a tremendous offseason and training camp, Romo was primed to tandem with Dez Bryant and rookie Ezekiel Elliott to take over the league but instead went down in the third preseason game with a compression fracture in his back. Rookie QB Dak Prescott has taken the reigns and led the Cowboys to an impressive 5-1 record, causing a tremendous and ruthless backlash against Romo in the process.

It's clear everyone has forgotten what he's done for the Cowboys over the course of his decade as a starter, but in case you need a reminder regarding what he's given and is still willing to give... this video, posted to Twitter by Khari Murphy of CowboysWire:

"Let's say before I signed this last contract, if you go out and say 'well I'm going to go out to this other team and do this'," Romo told the Ben and Skin Show of possibly winning a Super Bowl with another franchise. "Now, let's just pretend it was Seattle a year ago or something...but you go out there and you win a championship. Well, congratulations. You went and you picked a spot and you won a championship there. It was set up with a lot of pieces and blah blah blah blah, and then you go back to live in Dallas...congratulations a bunch of people in Seattle like you."

And the franchise signal caller goes on to explain what really matters to him most.

"It's about the team you grew up with, that you started off with, that is your team. You put everything into it and the joy comes from accomplishing it with so many people and the fans, and the state [Texas]. And I'm going to be here [Dallas] for good...I would rather fight to the end and give it everything I had and leave it out there for the Dallas Cowboys, than go somewhere else and do something special for a halfway little couple of years. Just doesn't seem that [that] would be enjoyable at all to me."

No worries, Romo.

Many do understand your value, what you're capable of and what you've done to your body to keep the Cowboys winning when they should have been delivering 1-15 seasons.

And they can't wait to see you take the field again. The deputy is doing a phenomenal job, but the sheriff isn't done yet.

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