The Monday night game between the Vikings and Bears was billed as the debut of Mitchell Trubisky, and it's been fun watching the rookie out of North Carolina look sharp, even if no one else around him did that. 

It was not as much fun watching the Bears and Vikings punt back and forth for basically the entire first half, but fortunately someone finally found the end zone in the third quarter. That was Kyle Rudolph, hauling in a touchdown pass from Case Keenum, who came in for Sam Bradford after the starter looked rather brittle during most of the first half. 

And after the score, the Vikings pulled off a pretty childish celebration, busting out a little game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" in the end zone.

Gold, Jerry, gold. Although is that how the game actually works? Someone random pops up and grabs the guy who is "it"? Because I'm pretty sure the guy who gets hit with "goose" has to do the chasing. 

It may have just been a miscommunication where the Vikings thought "goose" was the code word to jump up and run away to avoid a delay of game penalty. Whatever, it was a pretty swell celebration.