It might be time to evacuate Revis Island because no one there is safe, especially not Darrelle Revis.

For the second week in a row, the Jets cornerback was turned into a human piece of toast by a speedy receiver. One week after surrendering 158 yards and a touchdown to A.J. Green, Revis responded by actually playing worse.

During the first quarter of the Jets' Thursday night game in Buffalo, Revis was burnt by Marquise Goodwin, who caught a perfect throw from Tyrod Taylor for an 84-yard touchdown.

After the score, the internet reacted exactly how you'd think the internet would react.

To be fair, Goodwin is a world class sprinter who actually qualified as a high jumper for the 2012 Olympics in London, so getting burnt by him isn't the most embarrassing thing in the world. On the other hand, if you're going up against a world class sprinter, you probably shouldn't let him go practically untouched on a fade route.

Anyway, with one quarter in the books, the Bills lead the Jets 7-6. You can keep tabs on the game by checking out our GameTracker here, or you can watch it live on Twitter by clicking here.