The Minnesota Vikings' defense hasn't been making quite as many plays as it did during the team's 5-0 start. Xavier Rhodes is determined to put an end to that slide.

With the Cardinals driving and looking to take the lead, Rhodes cut off a pass intended (using the loosest possible definition of the word) for John Brown, then took off down the field in the opposite direction. He went 100 yards all the way to the house.

Not surprisingly, Rhodes' interception return is also a Vikings record. Minnesota's longest previous return for a TD was held by Bobby Bryant, who returned an interception 63 yards against the Cowboys on Dec. 30, 1973.

See what I meant by the loosest possible definition of the word "intended?" Carson Palmer throws the ball while Brown is still engaged with a defender, and it's picked off by the time he turns around to look for it. It's safe to say the two were not on the same page here. Palmer clearly did not see Rhodes lurking behind the route.

The way the pass was thrown made it incredibly easy for Rhodes to return it for a score because the only guy between him and the end zone was Palmer himself. The Vikings extended their lead with this one, but they did let the Cards come back and drive for a touchdown on the following possession.