'We deserve better, fire Pioli, bench Cassel' banner now flying over Arrowhead Stadium

The message may be hard to make out here but it's quite clear to those sitting in Arrowhead Stadium. (Instagram)

Chiefs fans are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. And a few of them are doing something about it. A group has taken up a collection to pay for a plane to fly a banner over Arrowhead Stadium before Sunday's Ravens-Chiefs kickoff to express just how frustrated they are with another disappointing season.

The message:

One of the fans behind the banner spoke with KSN.com earlier in the week to explain how things reached this point.

"We are not just losing; we are just getting demolished left and right," he said. … "We have no delusions that this is going to make [team chairman of the board Clark] Hunt go, ‘Oh, man. We've got to fire [general manager] Scott Pioli,' or, 'Yes, [quarterback Matt] Cassel needs to be benched,'” said Eric, who wouldn't disclose his last name. … "We are going to let them know exactly how we feel, we still love this team, we still want to see them succeed but man, they have got to give us something to hope for."

Hope is all that Chiefs fans have, and it almost certainly won't be enough against the Ravens.

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