Week 5 Rundown: Texans, Falcons keep top two spots, Niners jump Ravens

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7. Chicago Bears : Keep an eye on the Bears with that defense and the moody Jay Cutler . This team can play any of the guys above them.


8. Minnesota Vikings : Say what you want, call it a surprise, this team wins and Christian Ponder is the real deal.


9. Green Bay Packers : Aaron Rodgers still gets sacked too often and the defense just let rookie Andrew Luck throw for 362 yards.


10. Denver Broncos : They are better than their record. Their schedule to date has been tough, with four of their first five games against 2011 playoff teams.


11. Los Angeles Chargers : There were some strange calls against the Chargers late in the New Orleans Saints game which led to a defeat. Philip Rivers will keep this team in the hunt all season.


12. Arizona Cardinals : They were ranked fourth last week, but in two weeks they've allowed 17 sacks and 30 hits on the QB. There are issues with the Cardinals. Their defense is impressive, and will keep them in games until the line improves.


13. Philadelphia Eagles : The Eagles turn it over and they lose. The Eagles defense is solid, now Mike Vick just has to take care of the ball.


14. Seattle Seahawks : The Seahawks defense is nasty. The goal line stand against the Carolina Panthers was impressive. A little more from the QB position and they are making the playoffs.


15. Pittsburgh Steelers : Not sure if the Steelers are totally back in top form. The defense showed up this week but the passing game didn't put up a touchdown. Rashard Mendenhall changed the face of the running game first game back.


16. Cincinnati Bengals : Their history said beat the non-playoff teams and lose to the playoff teams, and now a non-playoff team caught them. They will rebound and climb back up the ladder.


17. Washington Redskins : Alfred Morris is an impressive rookie running back and the defense is doing the best they can, considering their injuries. Robert Griffin III has to play smarter or he will miss games. There are a number of emerging teams right behind them if they don't watch it.


18. Los Angeles Rams : Jeff Fisher is already a Coach of the Year candidate with the Rams' three wins. Their pass rush is impressive.


19. Miami Dolphins : They have passed the New York Jets and Bills in the AFC east. Ryan Tannehill is starting to look like a great pick.


20. Dallas Cowboys : The story is getting a little old. The offseason is full of hype about the great personnel and the season is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Tough cheering for a team you're not sure will show up.


21. Detroit Lions : A major disappointment this early in the season, but they have the coach and the talent to rebound. All is not lost.


22. Indianapolis Colts : An emotional win for their coach was impressive, and so was the development of the quarterback. The defense hustles and that covers up some problems.


23. Saints: The Saints defense took a big step this weekend with five sacks of Philip Rivers. All the defense has to do is slow teams down and Drew Brees will do the rest. Look for a steady climb up the rankings.


24. Bucanneers: If Josh Freeman just turns it loose and gets back to 2010, this team will be fine. Otherwise, they are going to stay in this area of the rankings all year.


25. Jets: A team in real trouble. All the pressure appears on Sanchez, but it belongs on other areas like receiver talent, run defense, run offense. Worst of all the injuries continue to pile up.


26. Panthers: I thought 2012 was too early to anoint the Panthers. There are growing pains for every team and Cam Newton is experiencing his right now.


27. Bills: This team gave up 90 points in the last six quarters. What happened? They can't stop the run, get to the quarterback or score points. Buffalo Bills is headed in the wrong direction.


28. Chiefs: Everyone seemed to want Matt Cassel replaced. We'll find out if Brady Quinn can turn things around if Cassel is dealing with a significant injury. It may be time to stop saying this team is so talented.


29. Tennessee Titans : They look nothing like the team that went 9-7 last year. Chris Johnson needs to be benched before it gets any worse. I thought Matt Hasselbeck would stabilize the offense, but it may be too far gone.


30. Oakland Raiders : They had a bye and nothing new to report.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars : The game against the Bears was 3-3 at halftime, but then the dam broke and 38 points later they were wiped out 41-3. Lots of blame to go around.


32. Cleveland Browns : I think they are better than No. 32 in the NFL but their record says they have hit the bottom. I do expect them to climb in the future because the young players are getting better.

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