Week 6 Rundown: Falcons take over top spot, Texans, Niners drop

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4. Texans: The first game without defensive captain Brian Cushing was an eye opener. Next week tells the true tale of the 2012 Texans.

5. 49ers: Last week I debated about the Niners as the top team in the league, and now they have two games Vikings and Giants) that raise questions.

6. Patriots: A very tough loss to the Seahawks, but their whole body of work suggests they are still an elite team. They do get a warning notice for three loses; another one and they slide.

7. Packers: The 42 points on the Texans defense was a statement. The Packers looked like the team that went 15-1 last year and just like the Patriots, they better not slide back.

8. Bears : A week off, and on a three-game winning streak. They could run off three wins coming off the bye with games against Detroit, Tennessee, and Carolina. Next week could be a big jump into the top four.

9. Seahawks : This is a dangerous team with a nasty defense and a smooth rookie QB. Big, big game Thursday night against the 49ers.

10. Broncos: It is starting to come together on both sides of the ball. Once the Broncos figure out how to score in the first half they will be unbeatable.

11. Chargers: Rivers is up 24-0 this week and throws four picks. That should not happen again this season. This team can beat most teams in the NFL but they also know how to beat themselves.

12. Redskins: They may be a little high in the standings but Robert Griffin III keeps sending out the message he can win in this league now. The defense is starting to adjust to the loss of Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker. The Skins sit in a fragile spot and could tumble with the Giants and Steelers on the schedule the next two weeks.

13. Vikings : A solid team with four wins but a 1-2 road record. I still think they get to a winning record for the year.

14. Cardinals: Four wins keeps them in the top half of the league but their protection issues aren't going away anytime soon. Both quarterbacks better be ready to play at all times.

15. Eagles: The Eagles are one of the biggest turnover machines in the NFL. Their 17 giveaways is second only to Kansas City, and the Chiefs sit in the No. 31 spot.

16. Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill is more than Dolphins fans hoped for in the draft and the defense is doing a very good job. The run game was disappointing this past week but they are becoming a tough out. They are on a two-game winning streak and lost two games in overtime.

17. Lions: The Lions got a much-needed overtime win this week to at least slow down the bleeding. All indications are in place for this team to go on a run, but their next two games are Chicago and Seattle.

18. Saints: No one ever thought they couldn't score points but finally last week the defense woke up and got five sacks. Drew Brees still believes his team can turn it around.

19. Steelers : The defense has given up 100 yards rushing a game over the past 22 games. The signs were in place that things are different for the Steel Curtain defense. They have too much pride and talent on offense to go down without a fight.

20. Bengals: All of a sudden a team that never loses to non- playoff teams has dropped two in a row. They have the talent to stay in the playoff race but it starts with the Steelers this week. In two years the Bengals haven't beaten a playoff team.

21. Rams: Jeff Fisher is making significant progress with this team but the loss of Danny Amendola is a big adjustment.

22. Cowboys: It must be hard to be a passionate Cowboys fan. What do you see when you watch your team? Do you see talent or do you see hype?

23. Jets: Leave Sanchez on the field and stop the Tebow experiment.

24. Buccaneers: The past two games reminded me of the 2010 version of Josh Freeman. He threw for 627 yards in those games and is looking better.

25. Colts: Andrew Luck is going to win his fair share of games as a rookie, but this whole team is a work in progress.

26. Bills: The Bills pass rush came alive last week but it was against the Cardinals offensive line that gave up 17 sacks in the two previous games. The Bills are coming off a two-week road trip with a home game against the Titans.

27. Panthers: Don't panic about Cam Newton in a sophomore slump. Give some credit to opposing defenses, but also realize Newton has the talent to get back on course. The defense needs to improve or the three-game losing streak the team is on will grow.

28. Titans: The Titans said as soon as JakeLocker is healthy he gets the starting job back. That's a hard decision considering Matt Hasselbeck just led the team to a win over the Steelers. It looks like the growing pains continue.

29. Browns: Finally a win this week after so many close games. This young football team has a lot of fight in them. Browns fans should love the view of the future.

30. Raiders: At times this team reminds me of the Cowboys. Flashes of talent, but too much frustration when they are struggling.

31. Chiefs: Twenty-one giveaways by the offense in six games is the worst in the NFL. Maybe there are some fans that dislike Matt Cassel that can't wait to see him back on the field.

32. Jaguars:They had a bye this week but they are 0-3 at home and have scored just 65 points in five games.

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