We’ve seen enough: Jets must play Geno Smith

At this point, it’s not even about how poorly Ryan Fitzpatrick has played.

The Jets just need something, anything, to give them a jumpstart on offense.

Even if that something is Geno Smith.

In this political season, let’s make an official endorsement: Jets247 is endorsing Geno Smith as the New York Jets’ quarterback, for Monday night, for the foreseeable future.

It was fun while it lasted for Fitzpatrick, the quirky, bearded veteran who threw 31 touchdowns last season, a franchise record no less behind the NFL’s 10th best offense. But the interceptions and the incompletions and the stalled drives that have all but derailed his second season with the club have piled up to a breaking point.

The Jets trail Arizona, 14-3, at the half on Monday and they shouldn’t.

It’s the poorly aimed throws, the badly timed throws, the throws in the dirt, the throws that went too high and those that went too low. The third downs that weren’t converted, the one chance they had in the red zone, but whose NFL-worst offense inside the 20 once again failed.

We’ve seen enough.

It’s a $12 million loss, but at this point in the season, what else have they to lose? What’s the point in following a 1-5 team with the same old problems? The Jets need to send a message that they’re still trying to make something of this season. Quarterback play is far from the only concern this team faces, but a fundamental change, suddenly, with the whole country watching, will prove that they care ....

Geno Smith said last season that he didn’t mind playing backup so long as the team was winning without him.

Last season, they were. This season, they’re not. It’s Geno time.

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