Let's dive in on some armchair psychiatry on a Monday morning following a Cowboys victory that made it quite clear just how much this team really is Dak Prescott's. Tony Romo is a wonderful person and a wonderful quarterback, but the torch has been passed.

And there was a brief moment on the sideline of Sunday's game against the Ravens where you could argue that Prescott's character was revealed in a very small and subtle way.

The Cowboys rookie quarterback was sitting on the bench and drinking a cup of water (or maybe Gatorade) and when he went to throw away the cup in a trash can behind him, the cup landed on the ground. Unlike most of his passes against the Ravens -- Prescott completed 75 percent of them for more than 300 yards and three touchdowns -- he was off on this throw and missed the target.

And unlike many people in that situation (he and the Cowboys were trying to close out a tough game against a physical Baltimore team), Prescott apparently wasn't content to just leave the cup on the ground.

Did Prescott have any idea the camera was on him? Probably not. Would anyone care if the cup stayed on the ground? Again, probably not. Is this reading too deep into the action from Prescott? Maybe.

But he's the king of the world right now (the quarterback of America's Team, anyway), and he's led the Cowboys to a 9-1 start to the 2016 season that has him shattering records for rookies and looking like the future of the Dallas franchise. He can do whatever he wants on the sidelines. And he still took the extra second to pick up the trash that someone else would have handled.

At the very least, it tells you Prescott's the type of guy who does the right thing even when he thinks that no one's looking (although in his life everyone is probably always looking) and it tells you he has a serious attention to detail.

It also tells you that the trash can is terrible at running the curl route. Fortunately Dak has Dez Bryant to do that.