The New England Patriots were going to take a quarterback in this draft to try and secure their future after Tom Brady, a replacement for Jimmy Garoppolo after they were forced to deal the stud backup to the 49ers when Brady declined to accept Father Time's offer to age like a normal human being.

And then the Patriots didn't take a quarterback -- it was believed they might target Lamar Jackson in the first round, but passed on him twice. It was then believed they might snag Mason Rudolph in the second round, especially with the pick they got for Garoppolo, No. 43 overall, sitting there, begging to become another quarterback.

Instead the Patriots traded the pick, part of four different trades for New England on the second day of the draft. New England sent that pick to the Lions (and old friends Bob Quinn/Matt Patricia) for the No. 51 pick and the No. 117 pick. 

Detroit would grab running back Kerryon Johnson with the pick. The Patriots would not hold onto the pick they got back very long, dealing it to the Bears, who moved up to grab wide receiver Anthony Miller. In exchange, the Pats got No. 105 overall and a 2019 second-round pick from the Bears.

But the Patriots weren't done there either. After moving back twice, New England decided to move up one time in order to grab Florida cornerback Duke Dawson.

You may notice a FOURTH TRADE there -- the Pats sent a third-round pick to the 49ers for offensive lineman Trent Brown earlier in the day, as well. 

The net result of that was the Patriots only making one selection for the day. What makes it all fascinating is the Patriots took that No. 43 pick they got for Jimmy G and turned it into ... nothing?

Well, not nothing, but they have successfully traded around so much on Friday that it's borderline impossible to really figure out what they got in return for sending Jimmy G packing. Everyone agrees this might be on purpose.

Well done by Nick Caserio and Belichick in that regard. It's hard to figure out what's happening. 

Let's try anyway: Ultimately, the Patriots get: No. 105 (fourth round), No. 117 (fourth round)* and a 2019 second-round pick, TBD depending on the Bears season. The * notes that the Pats sent that away to move up from No. 63 to No. 56 to get Duke Dawson. 

It wouldn't be fair to include him in the discussion of their haul, but it needs to be noted they helped to secure him with the pick. You can't even really say "here's what they got for Jimmy Garoppolo" because it won't be complete until 2019.

They could end up getting a quarterback next year. Or they could trade that pick and further dilute the process. Right now they have some degree of Dawson, a pick coming in the fourth round and a pick they will make in about 364 days. 

Good luck figuring it out, which may be exactly what Bill Belichick wanted to happen.