What would a Niners-Jets trade for Darrelle Revis look like?

Now we might admittedly be getting ahead of ourselves here: but with the 49ers dealing Alex Smith to the Chiefs for a pair of second-round picks, it's entirely possible that San Francisco could make a run at Jets all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The Jets don't really have the cash (or wont?) in order to re-sign him, the franchise tag isn't available and GM John Idzik reportedly spent the whole combine looking for suitors. And the 49ers are a nice coupling, even if they have young players they'll need to extend later, because they have a championship window, Revis is a stud at a reasonable discount because of injury and they're STACKED with draft picks.

I love the idea and tweeted out that thought along with a link to colleague Clark Judge's post breaking down the possibility. That garnered a response from CBSSports.com's Senior Fantasy Writer Dave Richard and the result was a Twitter-negotiated mock trade.

We should, Dave! The end result of the negotiations?
SF gets: Darrelle Revis and NYJ 2014 7th round pick.
NYJ gets: SF 2013 1st round pick (31), SF 2013 3rd round pick (74 via CAR), SF 2014 second-round pick

So what do we think of the deal?

Will: My mistake here was probably offering Dave a "fair value" initial offer. I think the 34th pick, the 93rd pick and a 2014 second-round pick is a pretty square deal for Revis. That's two second-round picks and a third for the best cornerback in football. If Revis doesn't have his ACL injury, he's worth a pair of first-round picks even if you have to pay him a new deal.

Please remember Revis isn't hitting the market if the Jets don't give him all kinds of bizarre outs in his last deal. My logic here, also, is that if you can flip Alex Smith for Darrelle Revis by adding in a third-round pick, well, you do it every time.

Additionally, the Niners have just added Revis to their roster and still have three picks in the top 90 overall selections, including No. 34 and No. 93 as their top selections. That second-round pick in 2014 shouldn't be any higher than No. 85 overall, in a worst-case situation, and they'll replace it with the one they got from the Chiefs in the Smith deal.

Dave: As soon as Will offered me three picks including two second-round picks I knew there was a legitimate starting point, and frankly an offer to exploit.

Getting him to turn 34th overall into 31st overall gives me the first-round pick I needed to just get the deal started. Getting the best of the Niners' third-round picks was a sweetener and picking up the Niners' second-round pick gives me something for next year. The deal looks great: Darrelle Revis for a first, second and third-round pick (no one will care that I had to kick in a seventh-round pick next year).

Now the Jets have picks at 9, 31, 39, 72 and 74. Five of the first 75 picks and an extra second-round pick next year, all for a player I had no intention of signing to a long-term contract anyway.

So, what do you think about this deal? Leave your thoughts in the comments or hit me (@WillBrinson) and Dave (@DaveRichard) up on Twitter and let us know.

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