Which Harbaugh would you rather have on your sideline?

NEW ORLEANS -- It’s been called the Superbaugh, the Harbowl, Super Bro oh and Super Bowl XLVII. That's because one of the biggest storylines of the game is history is being made with siblings coaching against each other for the first time in a champiuonship game in any of the four major professional sports in North America.

Each brother has given the other respect this weekend while deferring to the other's superior coaching skills. However, deep, down inside they're always competing.

“Anybody who has a brother, especially one that's close in age, gets it,” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh. “You just grow up fighting for everything. You fight for the extra hot dog. You fight for girls. You fight for everything. We both got our girls, but we both want a victory this week.”

John added, “Who cut the grass last, that was the biggest thing. [Jim] refused to admit that it was his turn. He refused to do that.”

In order to settle this sibling rivalry, we took it to the streets . . . the Internet streets that is.

In a CBS Sports Facebook poll, 53 percent of voters preferred John Harbaugh to be their coach. San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh received 47 percent of the votes and of course won California. Alaska and Arizona were split right down the middle with 50 percent of voters picking John and the other half picking Jim.

A bitter New England Patriots crowd preferred the 49ers to the Ravens, with 61 percent selecting Jim to be their coach. The sting from that AFC Championship must still be lingering.

Who would you prefer to be your coach? Make your voice heard in the comment section below or on Twitter @NFLMondayQB . Also make sure to check out more Super Bowl XLVII photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also follow Adena Andrews on Twitter @adena_andrews.

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