Who stole Tom Brady's jersey? Video of reported suspect Mauricio Ortega emerges

The Tom Brady jersey investigation is over, from a perspective of the NFL retrieving both Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey and his Super Bowl XLIX jersey -- which we didn’t really know had been stolen until it was actually recovered. 

So who actually stole the jersey? Well, we know it was someone posing as a member of the media from an international outlet. We also know that it was someone who has been doing this for several years now. Again, Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl XLIX was stolen, and apparently the Broncos believe that the helmet of Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller was taken last year too. 

We also know the suspect is from Mexico, as the jersey was recovered there. Additionally, according to the Associated Press, the suspect in question is also a former executive from tabloid Diario La Prensa.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network pegs the suspect’s name as Mauricio Ortega. 

And Fox Sports 1, via Jay Glazer, has now played video of the suspect in question while he was entering and leaving the Patriots locker room.

Here is a screenshot of the suspect in question, shown entering and leaving the locker room. As he’s exiting, he’s got an extra bag that, presumably, has the Brady jersey inside. 


via FS1/Twitter

What’s wild is that the suspect can be seen walking in directly behind Patriots player Nate Ebner

But then he’s seen leaving while Patriots players are still going into the locker room. In other words, he managed to get in and out with the jersey before all of the Patriots even made it to the locker room after the victory.

That’s pretty freaking efficient. 

On Tuesday, Fox Sports 1 released a longer video with the suspect’s face no longer blurred. You can watch that here.

Multiple reports from Mexican journalists have pegged Ortega as the guy who was in possession of the jersey.

And it would appear this is a photo of Ortega from one of his editorial posts.

There’s somehow more to this story than anyone ever imagined. We all just figured the jersey would be hanging out on a Patriots equipment truck or just misplaced. But the reality is there was some kind of legit situation going on where the alleged culprit was repeatedly snagging items from the Super Bowl-winning team. 

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