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Aaron Rodgers might not win another Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers, but he could soon be taking home a championship in another sport. Rodgers has a chance to win an NBA title ring this year and that's because he's a part of the Milwaukee Bucks' ownership group. 

The Bucks are one win away from an NBA title and if they can top the Suns on Tuesday night -- Milwaukee is favored by five points -- then Rodgers will be getting a ring. The quarterback bought a 1% stake in the team three years ago and a big reason why he did it is because he's a huge basketball fan. 

"I just wanted to be involved, first of all because I love basketball and second because I've been here for so long I wanted, besides my Packer connection, just another natural connection to the state that I love and that I've grown up in," Rodgers told back in April 2018 when he made the purchase

Ironically enough, when Rodgers originally bought into the team, part of the reason he did it is because he planned on being in Wisconsin for the long haul. 

"I've lived here for 13 years. I love this state," Rodgers said, via "I'd love to finish my career [in Green Bay]."

Although Rodgers might not end up finishing his career with the Packers, he seems more than happy with his stake in the Bucks. 

Since purchasing the team, Rodgers has been regularly tweeting about the Bucks. His most recent tweet came on Saturday after his team beat the Suns 123-119 to take a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals. 

Rodgers has only sent out three tweets since July 10 and two of them were Bucks related. Clearly, Rodgers is thrilled to be watching the Bucks, who are playing in their first NBA finals since 1974, which came before Rodgers was even born. 

When Rodgers originally invested in the team, he was the only player in the NFL who was also a minority owner in an NBA team. However, that changed in January 2020 when Larry Fitzgerald decided to purchase a minority stake in the Suns

And that's the big twist here: There are only two teams in the NBA that have an NFL player as a part owner and those two teams are facing each other in the NBA Finals, which means that either Fitzgerald or Rodgers will be getting a ring this year. 

Of course, the odds are against Fitzgerald getting a ring since the Suns would have to win two straight games (Game 6 is Tuesday in Milwaukee. If the Suns win, then Game 7 would be on Thursday in Phoenix). 

Rodgers and Fitzgerald have actually played each other in the postseason twice and if the final two games of the NBA Finals are just half as exciting as those two games, then it could go down as the greatest finals of all time. 

In 2009, the Cardinals beat the Packers 51-45 in overtime. Six years later, the two teams played another overtime classic that ended with the Cardinals winning 26-20. The only reason the game made it to overtime is because Rodgers connected on a wild Hail Mary as time expired in regulation. 

Although the Cardinals won both games, Fitzgerald didn't win a Super Bowl ring in either season, so he'd probably be thrilled if the Suns were able to beat the Bucks so he could win his first ring. 

Game 1 of the Bucks-Suns series is tipping off Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. If you're thinking about gambling on Game 1, then you're definitely going to want to click here to check out our betting tips for the game