New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was very frustrated during Monday's Patriots night game against the Buffalo Bills. Belichick had reason to be annoyed, as his team was struggling and getting blown out by a divisional opponent in primetime. As it turns out, a phone on the sideline paid the price for his anger.

After the game, Belichick revealed the specific reason for the phone throw.

During the action, the coach was told to challenge a catch by Bills tight end Dawson Knox. The advice didn't exactly steer him in the right direction and the call stood, costing the Patriots a timeout. Clearly on the phone with someone who had told him to throw the red flag, Belichick was fed up and felt like Gronk spiking the phone to express his feelings.

When asked to speak directly on the moment, Belichick didn't give much -- which is not very shocking.

"Yeah, obviously he made the catch," Belichick said, according to NESN. "It was a good catch."

Even with no playoffs to play for, Belichick is not one to be fine with avoidable mistakes like an ill-timed challenge. 

The frustration likely didn't end there, as the Patriots struggled all game and lost to the AFC East champs, 38-9. It was the worst home loss under Belichick and was the first time since 2000 that a team swept the Patriots in the regular season. So, things have been better for Bill and Co.

This is not the first time Belichick has thrown a piece of technology on the sidelines -- he's also slammed down tablets in frustration during games,

Of course, the internet took Belichick's moment of losing his cool and turned it into a meme.

The Tom Brady jokes were aplenty.

Cam Newton does rank second in rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season all-time though, second only to himself.

Sorry Belichick, we know how you love special teams.

Next week the Patriots are hosting the 2-13 New York Jets