As the home team in Super Bowl LV, the Buccaneers were given the first choice of uniform color for the big game this year and instead of going with their pewter home jerseys, the Buccaneers surprised some of their fans by making the decision to wear white

One option that the team didn't consider was wearing their old Creamsicle uniforms for the game, which was a major disappointment to many Buccaneers fans, who were hoping to see the Bucs break out their iconic Creamsicle jerseys for the Super Bowl

The Buccaneers originally wore their Creamsicle uniforms from 1976 to 1996. 

With the Buccaneers making history by being the first team to ever play the Super Bowl at home, fans felt it would have made some sense for the team to break out their Creamsicle look. 

Unfortunately for everyone who loves the Creamsicle uniforms, that look wasn't really an option this year due to an NFL rule that has been in place since 2013. Eight years ago, the league created a "one shell" rule for safety purposes, which meant that teams could only wear one helmet per season. The NFL's belief is that a worn-in helmet is safer for players to wear than a brand new one that hasn't yet conformed to their head. 

Before the rule was implemented, the Buccaneers would occasionally wear a Creamsicle throwback, but they decided to stop in 2013 after the NFL passed its one-helmet rule. The problem for the Buccaneers was simple: They always wore a white helmet with their Creamsicle uniforms, but after the team switched to a pewter helmet, they stopped wearing the Creamsicle jersey because they simply felt like it didn't match the pewter helmets and although I know nothing about fashion, they are definitely right about that. 

The Buccaneers Creamsicle helmet would definitely clash with their pewter uniform.   USATSI

Due to the one-helmet rule, the Buccaneers have only been allowed to wear their pewter helmet for the past eight years. The last time the Buccaneers wore their Creamsicle uniforms came in Week 7 of 2012. 

Although you'll occasionally see a team wearing a throwback uniform with a different helmet, that only happens because the team is simply changing the decal on their helmet. For instance, the Bears have worn their classic 1936 look multiple times because it doesn't require them to wear a different helmet.  

The good news for the Buccaneers is that the Creamsicle uniforms could return as soon as 2021. Back in March, the NFL was asked about potentially changing the one-helmet rule following the 2020 season and the league didn't rule it out

"There will be no change for the 2020 season," the NFL said in a statement. "There are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made."

If the league does change the rule, one person who would probably be pretty happy is Tom Brady. Not only was the Buccaneers quarterback pushing for the Creamsicle jerseys in late September, but he also honored Tampa bay's unique uniform history by wearing a Creamsicle-colored shirt to a recent press conference.