Why did Bengals give Andy Dalton $115M if they have AJ McCarron?

Is AJ McCarron the future in Cincinnati? (USATSI)
Is AJ McCarron the future in Cincinnati? (USATSI)

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There was a lot of reaction after Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton signed a six-year, $115 million extension with the team this week. 

Some people thought it was a good deal, some people thought it was a bad deal and then there were some people who thought the Bengals were crazy because why not use that money to BUILD A STATUE OF AJ MCCARRON!

OK, so no one actually suggested that the Bengals build an AJ McCarron statue, but plenty of people on Twitter were wondering why the Bengals gave Dalton so much money if McCarron's on the roster. 

The Bengals first problem is that they paid a guy who's not going to start after Week 12. 

Actually forget Week 12, Dalton's not even going to make it to Week 6. 

This guy's mad because Dalton's contract means no first-team reps for McCarron, a fifth-round pick. 

Lets just call the Dalton contract what it is, a 'stupid move.'


This guy at least has a somewhat realistic timeline about things.

This guy took things straight to the Bengals official Twitter account for answers.

Lets get back to reality though: The Bengals signed the wrong guy, Andy Dalton is not the future. 

Now it's time for a guy from CNN to weigh in because we need the opinion of an unbiased, non-Bengals fan, non-Alabama fan.

Finally, we'll end on this tweet because it puts things into mathematical perspective for us and everyone loves math. 

Forget Andy Dalton and his contract, it looks like all the pressure is on AJ McCarron. 

(Wink of the CBS Eye to @JoeGoodberry.)

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