Who cares about the race for the Super Bowl? Everyone is talking about who will tank more and get that No. 1 overall draft pick.

(OK, we do care about the Super Bowl, but still want to talk about the race for the worst team this season.)

David Samson sat down on his "Nothing Personal with David Samson" podcast to discuss the battle of the tanking teams that took place Sunday between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets

Neither team was expected to be incredible going into this season, but many figured these two AFC East teams could pull something together better than they have so far. 

The Dolphins got their first win of the season against the Jets and had many people calling for New York coach Adam Gase to be fired.

Samson says not so fast. 

He said, "Trust me, I fired a lot of people. You have to wait a little bit, you have to have a better narrative." He added that the Jets should have their eye on the prize of the first overall in the NFL Draft, though their recent first-round draft picks have not exactly been difference makers. 

"Forget 1-7. I wanna go [1-15] get the No. 1 pick and then fire Adam Gase," he said. 

Gase losing in a game where Samson says both teams were "trying to lose" is definitely not great for his resume.

The podcast host questions why many believe he will be able to make Sam Darnold into a successful QB. "He will be the difference in making Sam Darnold the star. Why? Because he made Peyton Manning a star? No."

He compares that to saying when you're playing golf with Tiger Woods and he has his best round ever it was because of you, but really you were "just there" as he says Gase was "just there" during Manning's career.

In summary he says, "It's NG in NY." That goes without saying.