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When the NFL decided to modify its catch rule this offseason, the idea was to simplify it, but apparently, that's not quite what happened. 

As a matter of fact, the rule might have somehow gotten even more confusing. 

Less than three quarters into the first game of the NFL season, the catch rule reared its ugly head and potentially cost Julio Jones a 51-yard reception. 

With just over 11 minutes left to play in the third quarter, Matt Ryan dropped back to pass on a second-and-10 play from his own 32-yard line, and that's when this happened. 

Jones made a wild juggling catch as he was sliding out of bounds. Unfortunately for Jones, the catch didn't count because it was ruled incomplete on the field. However, Jones was pretty certain that he caught it, so Falcons coach Dan Quinn challenged the ruling on the field.

Under the new rule, it really seemed like they were going to overturn the call and give Jones a catch. 

The new rule -- as written -- is pretty simple. Here's what the receiver has to to:

1. Control of the ball. 
2. Two feet down or another body part. 
3. A football move such as: a third step; reaching/extending for the line-to-gain; or the ability to perform such an act.

The only part that's debatable on the play is whether or not Jones pulled off a football move. What we do know is that he did control it after initially juggling the ball. 

Despite the fact that the play looked like a catch, the call of incomplete was upheld on the field, which caused a total meltdown on Twitter. 

Moral of the story: No one knows what a catch is, so please mentally prepare yourself to have your heart broken multiple times due to the new catch rule in 2018.