Will NFL do right thing with Eagles' unique schedule situation?

This upcoming season will present an abnormality on the Philadelphia Eagles schedule. 

With the San Diego Chargers officially announcing their relocation to Los Angeles, the Eagles are one of just two NFL teams to play two games in America's second largest city next season (Washington Redskins being the other). 

Due to the NFL's schedule alignment, the Eagles were slotted to play the Chargers on the road for the first time since 2009. Along with facing the Chargers, the Eagles also will head to Los Angeles to square off against the Rams.

The Eagles have never faced both Los Angeles teams on the road in the same season. When the Oakland Raiders called Los Angeles their home, Philadelphia only played there once in 1986.

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With the NFL's unique scheduling situation, will the league schedule back-to-back weeks in Los Angeles for the Eagles in 2017?

The NFL had this issue back when the Atlanta Falcons played in the NFC West (strange right?). In 1988, the Falcons faced the Los Angeles Raiders at the Coliseum and the Los Angeles Rams in Angel Stadium (Anaheim), but didn't schedule them back-to-back weeks in L.A.

Instead, the Falcons faced the Raiders on November 20, traveled back to Atlanta for back-to-back home games, then went to L.A. to race the Rams three weeks later on December 11. The Falcons went 2-2 during the stretch and finished 5-11 on the season, losing three straight games to close the year.

Obviously the NFL was led by a different regime in 1988, but wouldn't it have made more sense for the Falcons to play in L.A. back-to-back weeks and then play back-to-back games at home? The Falcons also played 16 straight weeks in 1988 (no bye week), so the NFL obviously had some scheduling issues that needed to be sorted out.

If the NFL scheduling committee was wise, they would give the Eagles back-to-back weeks in L.A. to face the Chargers and Rams. Give Philadelphia a 10-day vacation out there with a temporary practice facility (ditto with Washington).

Of course, that scenario isn't likely to happen. Remember the NFL scheduled the Eagles to play three consecutive teams coming off a bye week in Weeks 7 through 9 in 2016, two of which were division opponents on back-to-back weeks.

The NFL will have four months to make the right decision when it comes with this unique Eagles schedule. Let's see what plan of action the league will take. 

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