William Gay talks about getting trucked by Adrian Peterson

Back in 2009, Peterson ran over Gay, who was helpless to do anything about it. (Vikings.com)
When the Steelers meet the Vikings in London on Sunday in a matchup of 0-3 teams, most people will be watching to see if Ben Roethlisberger can finally put together a good game, or how Matt Cassel plays in his first start in 10 months.

Here's something else to keep an eye on: How Steelers cornerback William Gay responds if he happens to find himself one-on-one in the open field with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. It's the worst-case scenario for any defensive back, especially one giving up nearly 30 pounds to the league's most bruising runner.

We mention this because four years ago, Gay found himself one-on-one in the open field with Peterson bearing down on him. The cornerback hesitated, got steamrolled, and once he was pried off the turf, left the game with a concussion.

During training camp, we asked Gay about the play, and what was going through his mind as Purple Jesus was sizing him up.

"Yeah, I remember that," Gay told CBSSports.com in late July. "It was one of those plays where, man, I got caught thinking, 'What should I do?' I'm not a dirty player so I didn't want to go after his knees, and I got caught between 'Should I go for his knees or hit him up top?' Next thing you know, he saw me, ducked his head, and ran me over.

"I know next time I ain't thinking," he said. "I ain't thinking at all. I'm just going to pray I don't hurt him and go low."

And Gay could get that chance on Sunday.

Image via Vikings.com

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