Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, man of the people, fires shot at Chris Christie

Scott Walker is on Twitter firing shots at Chris Christie. (USATSI)

Chris Christie is a Cowboys fan. Unlike most Cowboys fans, however, Christie spends his time watching the team in Jerry Jones luxury box. That doesn't make him a MAN OF THE PEOPLE, like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Walker may not actually be a man of the people but he did a damn fine job of selling himself as an EveryCheeseman on Twitter Wednesday morning by calling out Christie for spending too much time schmoozing with the ELITE. 

It helps that the Packers are a publicly-owned team. It's much easier to bump elbows with the commoner when he also owns the team.

But what's really awkward here is Walker is a Republican ... just like Christie! He's firing shots at someone in his own political party for being TOO ELITE and he's doing it over football.

That is the draw of the NFL, people. It can cross party lines and divide even the most loosely-knit Republican Governors.

Walker better hope the Fox cameras don't catch him sitting anywhere other than the frigid stands at Lambeau on Sunday. 

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