WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on Sept. 8 'Monday Night Raw'

Should Michael Sam accept the WWE's invite? (USATSI)
Should Michael Sam accept the WWE's invite? (USATSI)

If Michael Sam doesn't have a job by next Monday, he has at least one standing offer. WWE has invited Sam to appear on the Sept. 8 episode of Raw.

During Monday's broadcast, the company said it would give Sam an 'open microphone' where he could tell his side of the story -- whatever that means.

Call me crazy, but I don't think WWE is going to get the first post cut day interview with Sam. The rookie defensive end was released by the Rams on Saturday and still hasn't found a team to sign with. 

Although showing up on Monday Night Raw probably wouldn't make any sense for Sam, the offer makes plenty of sense on Vince McMahon's end. The WWE owner is known for outrageous stunts and what better way to go up against Monday Night Football next week than airing an interview with Sam.  

If Sam backs out, maybe Ben Roethlisberger could go instead. The Steelers quarterback is a big WWE fan who was at the Royal Rumble in January. 

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