Yay or nay: Cold-weather Super Bowl?

I'm not sure I'm ready for this one yet. But here we go.

The Super Bowl is in New York, and outside.

That means elements. Cold weather. Wintry mix. That sorta stuff.

So the question is: Is that the right environment to play a title game in?

If you're a team like the Saints, it is not, Bart Scott says on TOPS, and that's a good thing. If you're a team like the Patriots, well, it's a good thing.

The Saints? They get to build a track team for the Superdome. The Patriots? They have to build teams that can play regionally in inclement weather.

You'll hear countless debates about this, ranging from things like "the game shouldn't be about surviving conditions" to "won't somebody please think of the media?!"

What's your take? You down for some cold weather? Or think it'll set up a situation where something flukey could happen?

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