NFL Player Rankings

72. Billy Volek, SD-224.81-224.81+0.000-2.5000
3. Tom Brady, NE78.7078.70+0.00327.26.865.64212
55. Chris Redman, ATL-98.24-98.24+0.0037.6-1.264.301
75. Jeff Garcia, HOU-244.19-244.19+0.0000000
37. Donovan McNabb, MIN-55.89-55.89+0.00171.09.860.352
75. Chris Greisen, DAL-244.19-244.19+0.0000000
75. Peyton Manning, IND-244.19-244.19+0.0000000
12. Matt Hasselbeck, TEN38.1738.17+0.00223.23.261.61814
57. Charlie Batch, PIT-105.88-105.88+0.0052.0-0.562.501
62. Jon Kitna, DAL-125.74-125.74+0.0029.0-0.760.012
50. Jake Delhomme, HOU-93.59-93.59+0.00211.0064.310
28. Mark Brunell, NYJ-18.73-18.73+0.001.7033.300
56. Kerry Collins, IND-101.50-101.50+0.00160.3-0.349.021
The rankings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.