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Pete Prisco ranks his top NFL players at each position. J-Sivo24 provided his list of top cornerbacks. Also check out Prisco's Top 50

1. Nnamdi Asomugha, RaidersJ-Sivo24's Rankings

Games played: 15 Tackles: 40
Interceptions: 1 Touchdowns: 0
Analysis: Nobody throws at him. That's the ultimate sign of respect. He's finally getting it.
1. Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders
Comment: Nnamdi is a true shut down corner. He is almost impossible to beat and in my opinion the best cornerback of this era. Yeah, I said it.
2. Champ Bailey, Broncos

Games played: 9 Tackles: 44
Interceptions: 1 Touchdowns: 0
Analysis: The chic thing is to say his skills are eroding. I don't buy it. He's still one of the best.
2. Champ Bailey, Broncos
Comment: Bailey is the perfect example of a complete corner. He is excellent in coverage and in run support. He is also a text book tackler. No. 24 still has it.
3. Cortland Finnegan, Titans

Games played: 16 Tackles: 70
Interceptions: 5 Touchdowns: 1
Analysis: He's short, but he plays big. He's a good cover player who is more than willing as a tackler.
3. Charles Woodson, Packers
Comment: Woodson is a top 3 cover corner with top 2 playmaking ability. He is a turnover machine who knows how to score. He has made 19 picks and 5 TDs since 2006.
4. Darrelle Revis, Jets

Games played: 16 Tackles: 58
Interceptions: 5 Touchdowns: 1
Analysis: In his second season in 2008, he emerged as a premier cover player. He will be a Pro Bowl player for a long time.
4. Sheldon Brown, Eagles
Comment: Brown is the most underrated cornerback in my opinion. He makes QBs throw to their right because of his amazing coverage skills. Not only is he awesome in coverage, but he can lay the wood.
5. Charles Woodson, Packers

Games played: 16 Tackles: 62
Interceptions: 7 Touchdowns: 2
Analysis: He continues to play at a high level as a cover corner. For whatever reason, he always gets undervalued.
5. Terence Newman, Cowboys
Comment: People forget how good Newman is. He allowed only two TDs this past year, while playing hurt. When this guy is healthy, he is even better. Do you want proof? In 2005, nobody scored on him.
6. Antoine Winfield, Vikings

Games played: 16 Tackles: 95
Interceptions: 2 Touchdowns: 2
Analysis: He's a tough corner who always seems to be in the middle of the action.
6. Asante Samuel, Eagles
Comment: Samuel is the best ball hawk in the NFL. He is an amazing corner in a zone defense and the best corner in the post-season. He is very exciting to watch.
7. Nate Clements, 49ers

Games played: 15 Tackles: 63
Interceptions: 2 Touchdowns: 1
Analysis: He doesn't get a lot of attention playing for the 49ers, but he's a good player who a lot of teams would love to have.
7. Al Harris, Packers
Comment: Harris is the best bump and run corner in the NFL. A lot of people hate him because of his 2007 season, but he bounced back in 2008. Out of all cornerbacks, Harris had the best success rate in 2008. He proved to us that 2007 was a fluke.
8. Terence Newman, Cowboys

Games played: 10 Tackles: 37
Interceptions: 4 Touchdowns: 0
Analysis: He battled injuries last year, but he returned to play some of his best football. When he's on the field, he's a quality cover corner.
8. Antoine Winfield, Vikings
Comment: Winfield is tough as nails. Not only can he cover, but he can hit. He had two interceptions and four forced fumbles along with 95 tackles and only two TDs scored on him in 2008. How can a guy that little hit so hard?
9. Leon Hall, Bengals

Games played: 16 Tackles: 75
Interceptions: 3 Touchdowns: 1
Analysis: This is the rising star at corner in the league. He's only scratching the surface of his game.
9. Rashean Mathis, Jacksonville
Comment: Mathis is very consistent. He is very good in coverage and is a ball hawk. This guy knows what to do with it when he makes the interception.
10. Rashean Mathis, Jacksonville

Games played: 12 Tackles: 40
Interceptions: 4 Touchdowns: 2
Analysis: He gambled too much last season and was bothered by injuries. He's not a great tackler, but when he's healthy he's a good cover guy.
10. Darrelle Revis, Jets
Comment: Revis is awesome. In his first two seasons, he nabbed 8 interceptions and he has only been beat for three TDs. He just made his first Pro-Bowl and should make many more in the future.