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Pete Prisco ranks his top NFL players at each position. BlaqOptic provided his list of top defensive tackles. Also check out Prisco's Top 50

Defensive Tackles
1. Albert Haynesworth, RedskinsBlaqOptic's Rankings

Games played: 14 Tackles: 51
Sacks: 8.5 Forced fumbles: 3
Analysis: When he's on the field, he's a game disrupter. The only concern would be how he plays after getting the big check.
1. Albert Haynesworth, Redskins
Comment: I guess I couldnít put Big Al here without the obvious disclaimer that he must perform at an elite level now that he is no longer in a contract year. He has a very strong and considerable injury history, but that doesnít change the fact that, for those 13 to 15 games over the past two years, he was the leagueís most disruptive force on the defensive side of the ball.
2. Kevin Williams, Vikings

Games played: 16 Tackles: 60
Sacks: 8.5 Forced fumbles: 1
Analysis: He plays the run well and he can rush the passer as well as any inside player.
2. Haloti Ngata, Ravens
Comment: If we're considering him a nose tackle, itís absolutely ridiculous what Ngata can do for a defense. Ngata has the ability to stop the run, but his athleticism makes him capable of employing Zone-Blitz looks. What this means is that when teams expect Ngata to hold blockers up, heís capable of dropping into coverage with the halfback in the flat, and does it well.
3. Darnell Dockett, Cardinals

Games played: 16 Tackles: 49
Sacks: 4 Forced fumbles: 1
Analysis: He is quick and relentless and was a big reason whey the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. His contract issue is clouding things heading into this season.
3. Kevin Williams, Vikings
Comment: I have to say that Iíve made a tremendous error in leaving Williams off this list two years in a row. While I donít feel he deserved the 50 player list, he almost assuredly deserved the 80 player list. While I feel that Pat Williams means more to what the Vikings look to accomplish than the other Williams ďtwinĒ, I canít deny Kevinís versatility adds more to the Vikings defense.
4. Kris Jenkins, Jets

Games played: 16 Tackles: 50
Sacks: 3.5 Forced fumbles: 1
Analysis: He rejuvenated his career after being traded to the Jets. He's a large man who anchors in against the run.
4. Pat Williams, Vikings
Comment: I know Iím going to sound a little out of line here, but I honestly think that Williams is an eventual Hall of Famer. While numerous nose tackles come into the league and play at a high level for a few years, Williams has been doing it for 11 seasons. Patís ability to occupy two or three blockers on every snap helps make Kevin and even Jared Allen look good in their one-on-one matchups.
5. Vince Wilfork, Patriots

Games played: 16 Tackles: 66
Sacks: 2 Forced fumbles: 0
Analysis: Over the past two seasons, he's developed into a top nose tackle. He is entering a contract year.
5. Casey Hampton, Steelers
Comment: Itís no secret that, since 2001, the anchor behind the Steelers' rush defense has been Hampton. His ability to clog the A-Gaps allows players to make tackles near the line of scrimmage. His ability to occupy pulling guards also allows the Steelers' outside linebackers to make plays against the run all over the place.
6. Shaun Rogers, Browns

Games played: 16 Tackles: 76
Sacks: 4.5 Forced fumbles: 0
Analysis: If he wasn't so inconsistent he'd be higher on this list. He can dominate when he wants to do so.
6. Vince Wilfork, Patriots
Comment: Excluding last season, the Patriots have finished in the top 10 against the run every season since Wilfork has arrived. He is capable of doing more than simply taking on blockers and freeing up holes for the other linemen and linebackers. He makes plays himself, which is something most other nose tackles donít do.
7. Haloti Ngata, Ravens

Games played: 16 Tackles: 55
Sacks: 1 Forced fumbles: 0
Analysis: He's the unsung hero of the Baltimore defense. He does the dirty work to help free the linebackers to make plays.
7. Kris Jenkins, Jets
Comment: The Jets' defense went from allowing 135 yards per game to allowing 94 yards per game. Jenkins was previously playing as a 4-3 nose tackle, and at one point, was very elite at the position. Rex Ryan is very adept at employing defenses capable of giving the opposition multiple looks. Watch for Jenkins to make an impact as a pass rusher and run stopper next year.
8. Tommie Harris, Bears

Games played: 14 Tackles: 37
Sacks: 5 Forced fumbles: 0
Analysis: He started slow last season, but bounced back to his usual form late in the season. He needs to get back to his 2007 form.
8. Tommie Harris, Bears
Comment: Without Harris in the starting lineup, Brian Urlacher looks lost or scared when approaching the line of scrimmage and Lance Briggsí production in the box begins to fall. Harris is the premier 3-Technique/under tackle in the NFL when it comes to creating lanes to rush the passer. He does it better than everyone else, and does it consistently.
9. Pat Williams, Vikings

Games played: 14 Tackles: 44
Sacks: 1 Forced fumbles: 0
Analysis: He's bigger than Kevin Williams, which makes him more of a run player than a pass-rush threat. He's hard to move off the ball.
9. Brodrick Bunkley, Eagles
Comment: Sure people know him as the guy with the combine record for the bench press. He solidified his stance last year in the postseason when the Giants were stuffed on two 3rd-and-1s and two 4th-and-inches. SI named Eagles MLB Stewart Bradley an All-Pro. One would have to believe it was because Bunkley filled up spaces for the average Bradley to slip through the gaps.
10. Jay Ratliff, Cowboys

Games played: 16 Tackles: 51
Sacks: 7.5 Forced fumbles: 0
Analysis: He had his breakout season in 2008 as the Cowboys nose tackle. He's relentless.
10. Darnell Dockett, Cardinals
Comment: Dockett is quite possibly the leagueís 2nd most versatile defensive lineman, but nobody is really singing Dockettís praises. Dockett is capable of playing defensive end in the 3-4, as an under tackle in the 4-3, and as a defensive tackle in the nickel package.