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Pete Prisco ranks his top NFL players at each position. Gargon provided his list of top quarterbacks. Also check out Prisco's Top 50

1. Peyton Manning, ColtsGargon's Rankings

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 4,002
Touchdowns: 27 Interceptions: 12
Analysis: He won the MVP despite a slow start due to knee troubles. He's still at the top of his game.
1. Peyton Manning, Colts
Comment: Manning does it all. He is a fantastic quarterback, who has the physical capabilities to throw the ball accurately, with the knowledge to be a coach. He takes charge and leads the team to victory. By the way, he does all this without something that most other quarterbacks have... a running game. He wasnít MVP for nothing.
2. Tom Brady, Patriots

Games played: 1 Passing yards: 76
Touchdowns: 0 Interceptions: 0
Analysis: He's right there with Manning, but missing last season drops him down to the second spot. He's said to be all the way back.
2. Drew Brees, Saints
Comment: What this guy did last year was nothing short of amazing, and his career before that isnít half bad either. If Brees was on a better team, he would probably get more credit. Last season, Brees threw for more yards in a season than any other player currently in the NFL, and second in all time. Now, I doubt heíll be able to do it again this season, but Iíll bet the house that heíll get close.
3. Drew Brees, Saints

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 5,069
Touchdowns: 34 Interceptions: 17
Analysis: It's too bad he plays in an era with those two. He's had an amazing three-year run in New Orleans.
3. Tom Brady, Patriots
Comment: Before the start of last season, I would have put him at either No. 1 or No. 2. The guy is great, but I just canít with a clean conscious put him higher when I havenít seen him play in a year. He has to prove to me that he is still the Brady that led his team to an undefeated regular season, three super bowl victories and numerous playoff appearances.
4. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 3,301
Touchdowns: 17 Interceptions: 15
Analysis: Two Super Bowl titles in five seasons is amazing. He seems to grow as a passer each season.
4. Kurt Warner, Cardinals
Comment: Most people wouldnít have him this high on the list, but I think he deserves it. His career has been great, and what he did for the Cardinals last year was outstanding. Yes, he is getting up there in age, but Iíd bet that he can duplicate his impressive 2008 numbers again in 2009.
5. Philip Rivers, Chargers

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 4,009
Touchdowns: 34 Interceptions: 11
Analysis: He carried the Chargers last season. They are now his team, not L.T.'s team anymore. Rivers really elevated his game last season. He's a tough guy.
5. Philip Rivers, Chargers
Comment: I feel that this guy is a little underrated. He makes throwing touchdowns look easy. I also like that heís tough. He plays through injuries, and still performs at a high level, which is something a lot of players donít do these days. I canít even imagine what heíd do with an elite receiver on his team.
6. Carson Palmer, Bengals

Games played: 4 Passing yards: 731
Touchdowns: 3 Interceptions: 4
Analysis: Coming off shoulder problems, he's back throwing again, which is why he's this high. When he's healthy, he might be even higher.
6. Donovan McNabb, Eagles
Comment: A seasoned veteran who knows the game inside and out. I know he had a few rough patches last year, but the guy can play and he proved it towards the end of last season. The Eagles have made some offseason moves that should help give his game a positive boost; I expect a good season from him in 2009.
7. Kurt Warner, Cardinals

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 4,583
Touchdowns: 30 Interceptions: 14
Analysis: At his age, he remains a big-time passer. His ability to stand in against the rush is as good as any.
7. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
Comment: I would love to put this kid higher up on the list, but Iím going to play it safe. I loved watching him last year. He played great, and filled some big shoes in Green Bay. If he pulls off another season like the previous one, he will be a lot higher on the list next year.
8. Donovan McNabb, Eagles

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 3,916
Touchdowns: 23 Interceptions: 11
Analysis: After his benching last season, he really responded. With a bigger line and more weapons he should be even better in 2009.
8. Jay Cutler, Bears
Comment: Too bad the situation in Denver didnít work out for him. The lack of elite receivers in Chicago will hurt his numbers. Luckily for him (and the Bears) he does have some natural talent that will most likely help him remain one of the best young QBís in the league.
9. Eli Manning, Giants

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 3,238
Touchdowns: 21 Interceptions: 10
Analysis: The inconstancy still shows at times, but that was due in large part to a lack of a big-play receiver. He'll bounce back this season with more help.
9. Carson Palmer, Bengals
Comment: Palmer is in the same boat as Brady. He would have been higher on the list a year ago, but he needs to prove to me that he is still a great quarterback. If he is back to his old form, the AFC North will be much more competitive.
10. Matt Ryan, Falcons

Games played: 16 Passing yards: 3,440
Touchdowns: 16 Interceptions: 11
Analysis: His rookie year was outstanding and he said he didn't even understand coverage. That will change this season. Look for him to put up bigger numbers.
10. Tony Romo, Cowboys
Comment: I am extremely hesitant to even put Romo in the top ten. He is surrounded by a good team and has had every opportunity to excel, but he always comes up short in the big games. He fumbles, he gets sacked, his accuracy decreases, and he makes poor decisions often resulting in interceptions. If he blows it again this year he wonít just be out of my top ten, but probably out of Dallas.