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Pete Prisco ranks his top NFL players at each position, while aclarky2 provided his list of top running backs. Also check out Prisco's Top 50

Wide Receivers
1. Andre Johnson, Texansaclarky2's Rankings

Games played: 16 Catches: 115
Receiving yards: 1,575 Touchdowns: 8
Analysis: He's big, strong and corners can't handle him in single coverage. If Matt Schaub stays healthy, his numbers should be huge.
1. Andre Johnson, Texans
Comment: Big, fast, great hands, precise routes, and he does not have a pro bowler lining up with him on offense, let alone across from him at the other wide out position. He posts huge numbers and its a shame he does not get more national attention.
2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

Games played: 16 Catches: 96
Receiving yards: 1,431 Touchdowns: 12
Analysis: His playoff run stamped him as one of the top two receivers in the league. He's only scratching his potential.
2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
Comment: He has great hands and leaping ability. He also has underrated speed and quickness. Out of all the receivers in the game today, he probably has the best "feel" for the game which allows him to get himself in position to make a ton of catches.
3. Randy Moss, Patriots

Games played: 16 Catches: 69
Receiving yards: 1,008 Touchdowns: 11
Analysis: With Tom Brady back, his numbers should skyrocket. He can still run by defensive backs.
3. Calvin Johnson, Lions
Comment: Freakish athlete with his combination of speed, strength and size. If he played for a real NFL team, he might challenge for the top spot.
4. Steve Smith, Panthers

Games played: 14 Catches: 78
Receiving yards: 1,421 Touchdowns: 6
Analysis: As the only true threat in the passing game, he sees way too many doubles and still puts up big numbers. Imagine if he had help.
4. Randy Moss, Patriots
Comment: This man is an endzone magnet and last time I checked, you have to outscore your opponent to get a win and no other receiver finds the end zone more than Randy Moss.
5. Reggie Wayne, Colts

Games played: 16 Catches: 82
Receiving yards: 1,145 Touchdowns: 6
Analysis: He's been the Colts go-to guy the past two seasons and with Marvin Harrison gone, there isn't a doubt. He's undervalued by most.
5. Steve Smith, Panthers
Comment: Little man who plays big. He missed two games last year and still posted great numbers despite playing alongside Grandpa Muhammad and having erratic quarterbacking at best.
6. Brandon Marshall, Broncos

Games played: 15 Catches: 104
Receiving yards: 1,265 Touchdowns: 6
Analysis: When he's on the field, he puts up huge numbers. The off-the-field stuff is a concern.
6. Reggie Wayne, Colts
Comment: Not a flashy diva, but he gets the job done consistently. He doesn't have one trait that wows anyone but he puts everything together consistently better than almost everyone.
7. Roddy White, Falcons

Games played: 16 Catches: 88
Receiving yards: 1,382 Touchdowns: 7
Analysis: He had a Pro Bowl season in 2008 and will only gets better as Matt Ryan gets better. He's big and fast.
7. Roddy White, Falcons
Comment: He put two good seasons together, the first with a quarterback fiasco and the second with a rookie signal caller. He will only get better as Matt Ryan progresses.
8. Wes Welker, Patriots

Games played: 16 Catches: 111
Receiving yards: 1,165 Touchdowns: 3
Analysis: Does he benefit from playing with Moss? Sure he does. But he certainly makes the most of it in the slot.
8. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals
Comment: I debated with this one for a while. There are times when I think he is better than his teammate, Larry Fitzgerald, but he has had some problems staying on the field which knocks him down. One of the toughest players in the NFL and one of the strongest wide receivers. Very difficult to tackle once he has the ball in his hands.
9. Calvin Johnson, Lions

Games played: 16 Catches: 78
Receiving yards: 1,331 Touchdowns: 12
Analysis: He has his breakout season in 2008 playing with some bad quarterbacks. With Matt Stafford, he will be even better.
9. Brandon Marshall, Broncos
Comment: Reminds me of Randy Moss some, and he will be playing that same role for new coach Josh McDaniels, provided his request to be traded is denied.
10. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals

Games played: 12 Catches: 89
Receiving yards: 1,038 Touchdowns: 11
Analysis: He doesn't run that well, but he's great after the catch. He's a tough guy in the middle of the field.
10. Greg Jennings, Packers
Comment: The last spot came down to Jennings or Dwayne Bowe from KC. In the end, I think Jennings has the better team and quarterback and will therefore put up better numbers than Bowe who has to learn a new system. I think that Jennings will improve on his superb numbers from last season.