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| 1513302030
Colts offense capitalizes on opportunity presented by Kenny Moore interception
| 1513299877
Report says Dolphins are pleased with Landry, in discussions with WR's representatives
| 1513299028
Hilton says his height compared to the 6'6 Gronkowski is whey he believes that Belichick will send New England's tight end his way early and often on Sunday.
| 1513296681
The current Steeler and former Buckeye star continues to recover from an injury that shook the football world
| 1513296363
Colts owner says Luck's recovery is going well
The Cowboys legend admits he's not on 'great' terms with the Cowboys suspended running back
| 1513295494
Former Redskins, Browns quarterback could have played for one of two teams in preseason
| 1513294990
The Browns General Manager is making grand plans for his new team.
| 1513294123
An undrafted rookie is making moves at the cornerback position for the San Francisco 49ers.
| 1513294043
Damon Harrison is now the defensive captain of the New York Giants.
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