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| 1513181151
McShay has the Redskins taking Derwin James 13th overall.
| 1513180557
New GM is busy re-tooling the Browns bottom of the roster and practice squad.
The offensive line, run game, and receivers have been worse as well
| 1513180091
One radio host in Pittsburgh can't let go of Tom Brady's past
| 1513180047
Todd McShay projects the 49ers to select the draft's best defensive back.
| 1513179765
The picks are in from ESPN's Todd McShay.
Quin now spends his free time reading books and hanging out with his family
| 1513179116
Ben Roethlisberger is quietly enjoying one of the best seasons of his career while helping lead the Steelers to an 11-3 start.
| 1513179049
The Saints starter isn't impressed by one fan's complaint
| 1513178752
The former franchise QB has taken his talents to the booth, and changed the game there as well.
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