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Wentz is a magician who pulled his greatest trick so far on Monday night against the Redskins
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The Panthers are looking for a backup kicker as insurance for Graham Gano.
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Rob Ninkovich sees the Super Bowl LI collapse still 'haunts' the Falcons.
| 1508814217
Wentz pulls the houdini act again.
| 1508814060
The coach of the second-ranked Nittany Lions made an appearance on MNF. Find out why he was there and read everything he had to say.
Wentz is carving up the Redskins on Monday night
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Jordan Reed picked a good time to catch his first touchdown pass of the season.  The Washington Redskins tight end hauled in a five-yard slant from Kirk Cousins, only
| 1508813533
The rookie could miss up to a month
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DeMarcus Ware gives props to Brandin Cooks for similar touchdown celebration to his sack celebration during his playing days.
Peters was quickly ruled out by the Eagles with a knee injury
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